roasted garlic

Garlic = my favorite ingredient of all time. When I read a recipe, I always feel the need to double up on how many cloves to slice or mince or just toss in. Seriously, I can get slightly dangerous when garlic is involved.

I think I was about thirteen years old when I first discovered roasted garlic.  I was at a friend’s family party and it was out as an appetizer along with slices of toasted baguette.  I knew it was garlic, but I just did not know what they had done to make it so tender and sweet and altogether amazing.

Then, about two years ago when my love for cooking really blossomed, I finally found out what they did to it – just drizzle some olive oil on and stick in the oven! Voila! It’s so incredibly easy to make and can be used in so many ways – spread straight onto some bread, tossed into a pasta dish, smashed into some mashed potatoes, used in some homemade pesto… the possibilities are endless!

How I eat it: several ways, but one of my favorites is spread onto a toasted baguette with some warm Brie cheese.

2 thoughts on “roasted garlic”

  1. your famous roasted garlic!!! many-a-night as your roommate this made me feel like i was at home ❤

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