Besides chocolate, guacamole is the one thing that causes me anxiety. Yes, anxiety.  I love it so much that, when sharing it, I get worried that I will not get enough to satisfy myself. I know this sounds selfish. It is selfish. My roommates used to joke that I must’ve been raised in a family of ten children the way I gobble up my “fair” share of guacamole or cookies or brownies or chocolate pie. I only have one brother..

I love all the guacamole recipes that I’ve tasted, but my favorite is my mom’s. I do like cilantro, but for those of you who were born with that supposed gene that makes cilantro taste like metal rather than a fresh and citrusy herb, this is a great way to make delicious guacamole without it.

 Momma’s recipe ♥

 How I eat it: selfishly. with some restaurant style tortilla chips. and maybe a margarita =)

9 thoughts on “guacamole”

  1. I really like the first picture in the post, the one with all the ingredients! There’s very good lighting and the soft background makes the ingredients pop out. If the image was a little sharper, I could definitely see it in a cookbook or food magazine!

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