Besides chocolate, guacamole is the one thing that causes me anxiety. Yes, anxiety.  I love it so much that, when sharing it, I get worried that I will not get enough to satisfy myself. I know this sounds selfish. It is selfish. My roommates used to joke that I must’ve been raised in a family of ten children the way I gobble up my “fair” share of guacamole or cookies or brownies or chocolate pie. I only have one brother..

I love all the guacamole recipes that I’ve tasted, but my favorite is my mom’s. I do like cilantro, but for those of you who were born with that supposed gene that makes cilantro taste like metal rather than a fresh and citrusy herb, this is a great way to make delicious guacamole without it.

 Momma’s recipe ♥

 How I eat it: selfishly. with some restaurant style tortilla chips. and maybe a margarita =)