a break from reality (+ a restaurant review)

I know, I know – it’s been a over week since I’ve posted, but I escaped my hectic life and went on a relaxing family vacation to Cape Cod.  We stayed at Red Jacket Beach Resort and I highly recommend it. Our rooms were a little dated, but the location right between the river and the ocean was perfect! Plus, they had a whole bunch of activities such as yoga on the beach (which was awesome), jetskiing & kayaking (which we never got around to), and a “dive in” movie for kids (which, if I knew about the movie beforehand, I probably would’ve been jumping around in the pool with all the 7 year olds watching Despicable Me).

It was a week full of bathing suits during the day and yummy meals and touristy shopping at night – sooo much thanks to my generous parents! I had so much fun enjoying my family and some good food, but rather than blab about every detail of my trip I have put together a slideshow of photographs from the vacation on a whole and I will give a review of my favorite restaurant of the trip: Ocean House. (We also dined at The Roadhouse Cafe, The Paddock, & Alberto’s – they were all delicious, but Ocean House surpassed them by far.)

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The review…

After a fun day in Provincetown, we decided to go back to Yarmouth where we were staying and eat locally.  Unfortunately, it was a Friday night and we didn’t think fast enough about making reservations.  We called Ocean House and they told us that their dining room was full for the night, but we could do the first come-first serve deal in the lounge area.  Looking at the delicious menu that we had obtained from our resort, we decided to chance it.

When we got there we were told that it was a 2 hour wait but there was a bar right outside on the beach where we could pass the time.  We weren’t starving just yet so we decided to have some cocktails and relax.  About 25 minutes later, my dad went in to check on the wait and we were told that they were preparing our table! The hostess was so friendly and our waiter was no different.  What I liked about the service was their honesty concerning the restaurant.  When we asked our waiter for an opinion he seemed to give his true thoughts and not always lean us towards the most expensive thing on the menu.

The atmosphere was nice – modern yet beachy.  We were seated in the middle of the lounge so we felt as though we were in a chic Manhattan restaurant, but the dining area had some great views overlooking the Nantucket Sound.

FOOD. By the time we were seated our stomachs were starting to grumble so we ordered a Bento Box to start – every single thing was absolutely delicious, but my favorite had to be the lobster tacos.  For my entrée I ordered lobster ravioli in a champagne cream sauce and I finished the entire thing.  I also tasted my mom’s filet mignon with truffle fries – the meat was tasty and the fries were so rich and amazinggggg.  To finish off our meal we ordered a chocolate bag sundae.  OH. MY. GOD.  It was heavenly. The menu says that it’s for 2, but the 4 of us could not finish it! The prices were high, but having dined in New York City many times they seemed completely reasonable for the quality of food we were served.  We kept joking about how each dish would’ve been jacked up at least 10 dollars if the restaurant were located in the city.

Bento Box

Filet Mignon with Truffle Fries

Chocolate Bag Sundae for Two Four

Ocean House served some of the most creative and delicious food I have ever experienced.  Everything we ate seemed like it was made with such care. It is a good thing that Ocean House is so far from where I live or else my bank account and my waistline would most definitely be at risk!

Love my family ♥ Thank you for a wonderful vacation!